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Rosenthal Dental Guarantee: for a Perfect Smile!

If the prosthesis does not fit perfectly or is uncomfortable, we will adjust it once free of charge until it meets all your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Why Rosenthal Dent?

Affordable Prices

Thanks to the company's affordable pricing policy, prostheses and other services are widely available, even for the less financially able.

Use of the latest technologies

Rosenthal Dental uses the latest dental technology to ensure the high quality of its products.

Convenient At-Home Solutions

The option to have prostheses done at home, saving customers time and money.

Available Customer Service

The company's customer focus, developed through good communication, ensures that customers receive a quick and clear answer to any question.

Global Presence

The company operates internationally, so services are widely available, regardless of the client's geographical location.

Research shows that the 6 main problems for people who do not have healthy dentures are:

Life before Rosenthal Dent dentures

Social Judgement and Rejection:
They may be worried that others will judge or criticise them for missing teeth or an imperfect smile.
Tooth loss can negatively affect self-image and self-confidence, making people less likely to smile or be open in social interactions.
Communication Difficulties:
They may be worried that missing teeth may affect their speech, making communication unintelligible or confusing.
Career and Personal Relationships:
They may be concerned that a lack of teeth will affect their career prospects or personal relationships. We may feel a little ashamed of the absence and condition of our teeth.
Health problems:
You may be aware that missing teeth can cause further dental problems, such as the dislocation of remaining teeth or atrophy of the jawbone.
Deteriorating Quality of Life:
They may fear that tooth loss is affecting their quality of life, limiting their ability to eat and interfering with their enjoyment of life.

Life after Rosenthal Dent dentures

Social acceptance:
Natural-looking dentures improve the aesthetics of the smile. This allows clients to interact more confidently with others, reducing the stress caused by social perception.
Increased self-confidence:
Customized, aesthetically appealing prosthetics help clients smile with confidence, boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence.
Improved communication:
Precisely fitting dentures help improve speech quality, so you can communicate more easily and clearly with others. As a result, we feel more comfortable in our relationships.
Career and Personal Relationship Development:
Aesthetically attractive and functional dentures enable clients to engage more confidently in work and personal interactions, improving their career prospects and social relationships.
Preventing health problems:
Custom prostheses help prevent further dental problems, such as residual teeth shifting or jaw bone atrophy.
Improving Quality of Life:
Rosenthal Dental restorations allow customers to enjoy meals and the small pleasures of everyday life again, improving our quality of life.

Making dentures in 5 easy steps

#1. Place your order

Place your order in our webshop, and buy an extra warranty on top of the 3 months Basic Warranty. Once you're in, you only have to wait for the package to arrive. 

#2. Take your impressions

Make your impressions with our photo and video tutorial. You can always message us and count on us if you need help. You can also ask your dentist or dental hygienist for help with your impressions.

#3. Post your kit back to us

Wrap and return the prints you impressions have made. Upon receipt, we will scan and make an exact copy of the surface inside the mouth. We will then use the sample to create the desired denture.

#4. Get your denture(s)

Our smile technician will design your new smile, which is then meticulously handcrafted and quality-checked before being sent back immediately. It's that simple.

#5. Enjoy your life

Once you receive your new dentures from Rosenthal Dental Laboratory, you can enjoy all the small joys of life with a confident and radiant smile.

Short on 3 months Material Guarantee? Nothing to fear - At Rosenthal Dental Laboratory you have the opportunity to buy an extra guarantee!

The extra guarantee ensures that you can enjoy the high quality and comfort of your restorations for longer. It's an excellent investment for long-term peace of mind and security, as it guarantees that any problems with your restorations will be dealt with quickly and effectively, without additional costs.

Who I would recommend Rosenthal Dental Laboratory Services to

People without Special Medical Needs
People who are suffering from tooth loss and want affordable, yet quality tooth replacement.
Financially Constrained
For those who find traditional dental treatments too expensive but need a cost-effective solution.
Dental Visit Abstainers
For people who avoid visiting the dentist's office, including the elderly, people with reduced mobility, or those who have difficulty getting to the office for medical reasons.
Those Looking for an Instant Solution
For people who need a tooth replacement quickly, for example due to an emergency or work commitments.
Home Solution Lovers
Those who prefer the comfort of their own home and don't want to spend time in the waiting rooms of dentists' surgeries.
Shopping from the comfort of your home
People in the digital age who are used to shopping online and find it convenient to order and communicate online.
People with Individual Needs
For those who are looking for a custom-fit and comfortable denture that fits precisely and has a natural look.

Who I Would Not Recommend Rosenthal Dental Laboratory Services to

People with Special Medical Needs
In cases where special medical intervention is required, for example in the case of severe jaw problems, where a personal dental consultation is necessary.
Prefer a Personal Connection
For those who prefer personal contact and direct communication with the dentist.
For children
For young children, where teeth are still developing and restorations may need to be constantly adjusted.
People with Complex Dental Problems
More complex dental conditions, such as severe gum disease or complex jaw disorders.
Technology Responders
For older people or people who are less tech-savvy and may find the online ordering process difficult.
Extreme Cases
In extreme cases where specific medical or dental treatment is required that goes beyond standard prostheses.
Emergency Dental Care Claimants
For those who require immediate medical or dental intervention, such as in the case of injury or acute pain.


Hi....these new flippers are much better than what I have. They are comfortable and fit well. Either way, they are a much needed improvement over the junk I got at the dentist. They feel much more comfortable and I have no more soreness.


I just want to thank you for providing such an inexpensive alternative to paying outrageous costs at the dentist. I have been wearing my partials everyday and they fit well. I am very satisfied. And as a fellow Christian, I say God bless you!


I Love these dentures, They fit great better then my old ones. Making the impressions was much easier then I thought. I recommend them to everyone. My Mother wants new pair now too.


Received my partial today and it is a perfect fit! thank you so much! My dentist wanted to charge me $1200 for the same exact thing, thanks for saving me $700!


Thank you for the awesome job doing my dentures, I am very pleased and happy. It felt very good wearing them. Thanks again in helping me have a beautiful smile again.


I received my partial denture today and I love love love it. it's such a relief to have teeth again. is it possible to use the same models and impressions to make a second one. I'm thinking in case I lose or break the one I have. I don't want to be without teeth again. thank you


Got my teeth today, they fit and feel good, thank you for your service. keeping it where I could afford them. But most importantly your message of our God, for our country has gotten so far from Him, most people and businesses won't speak of Him, it's good to see some of us still believe. I pray more of us wake up and ask Him for His Divine guidance


I got my new teeth today in the mail. They are beautiful bless the persons or person who made it possible for me to have a beautiful smile. Send me more cards to hand out. Thank you.


Received my upper partial yesterday. Have worn it all day and I have this to say - it looks great and it feels great. Thank you so very very much. Yes I will tell my family and friends about you. Thanks again


Thank you very much! They fit perfectly. And my wife can chew with them. We got perfectly fitting and functional dentures. Huge savings compared to conventional products at dentists office. May God grant you many years and good health.


1 / 10


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

What if it doesn't fit or I can't get used to it in a few days?

We offer free adjustments. Buyer will have to order a new impression kit if adjustments cannot be based on their old impression.

It can take a little time to get used to wearing a new tooth replacement device. Yet most people forget they're wearing it within a few days or less. But if after giving it a try your new smile does not fit well enough, don't worry. We will fix it for you by either adjusting it for FREE.

Every smile is unique. We deliver a high-tech, truly custom-made device that fits the first time for about 9 out of 10 of our customers. Achieving perfection with unique products like ours can be challenging initially. Perhaps your impression was inaccurate or not taken correctly, or your dental anatomy is a bit more challenging. If you are patient and willing to work with us, we will adjust it for free until you are satisfied. We stand behind our product, taking every single customer's smile seriously.

You have our commitment to create a device that works for you.


What is the difference between a flexible partial, acrylic partial, and cobalt partial?

Can I send you pictures of my teeth for evaluation?

Do you have teeth shade options?

Can I use my own impression kit instead of buying one from you?

Can I eat with these dentures?

Do you offer over dentures?

How do I know what denture I need?

How does Rosenthal Dent Lab work?

What if I have trouble doing my impressions?

What if my Rosenthal Dent Lab breaks?

How do you ensure a colour match with my natural teeth?

Are full dentures comfortable?

How many teeth does a full denture replace?

A confident, beautiful smile for all!
At Rosenthaldent, qualified dental
technicians with decades of professional
experience work to create beautiful smiles.

A smile to make them smile with pride and joy again. 

A smile that restores confidence, allows you to converse comfortably.

A smile that gives you back the experience of eating again!