affordable flexible upper denture
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affordable flexible upper denture
flexible full low denture

Custom ThermoPlas Flexible Full Arch Denture

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Custom ThermoPlas Flexible Full Arch Denture

Custom ThermoPlas Flexible Full Arch Denture

Product description
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Full dentures:
Full dentures are an option for people with no teeth in their upper and/or lower jaw.

An ideal upgrade from acrylic dentures, it offers the stability and simplicity without compromising aesthetics. 

We use the best materials, methods, and techniques resulting from advanced research to create a comfortable and well-fitting denture for each client.
With the guidance of our technicians, you can select the shade, shape, and size of your preference for your ThermoPlas flexible dentures.
You can select from a range of dentures suitable for different budgets and needs, from our classic complete dentures to a more customized option.
Full dentures can help to restore your confidence by giving you a smile to be proud of.

These easy to maintain prostheses can be manufactured quickly from impressions and precise measurements, resulting in comfort and a harmonious smile.


Benefits of TCS ThermoPlas dentures: 

  • A modern fit, lightweight and durable.
  • In case perfectly solves the lack of teeth, even without teeth that can be used, will lay on your gum line
  • It provides a natural effect so that our patients can smile boldly.
  • It has a long service life due to its almost unbreakable material, making it very economical.
  • It is non-allergenic - monomer free, made of bio-compatible material, so anyone can use it.
  • It does not need to fix metal, it eliminates the metallic feeling in the mouth.
  • It gives you a more stable feeling of chewing
  • Easier to meet new people
  • It provides a feeling better
  • It restores the quality of life
  • Flexible and unbreakable, comfortable to wear
  • Its adhesion is extremely good
  • Made of anti-allergenic material
  • It can be used to make partial replacements
  • After a lack of teeth (especially if it lasts a long time) it will be an experience to re-experience the joy of chewing and eating, and the face that has fallen so far will show a fuller, more aesthetic image again
  • Nice, regular teeth can be made, the wearing of which increases self-confidence
  • Because they are removable, dentures are very easy to clean. As a result, it can prevent many diseases of the gums and mucous membranes.
TCS ThermoPlas is a highly sought-after removable denture, with an increasing number of people requesting it. It could be rightfully dubbed the 'King of Removable Dentures'.

It is crafted from a material other than acrylate, which imparts the crucial quality of near-unbreakability. Its natural color scheme and thinness work together to restore the appearance of original gums. Among dentures, it boasts the longest lifespan.
TCS ThermoPlas products are of premium quality.

Product details:
  • Compare our prices to those of dental offices
  • You can eat with it in your mouth
  • This flexible TCS denture is the most affordable and convenient solution for replacing missing teeth. Its pure conservative process eliminates the need for tooth cutting, as in a fixed partial denture, or bone drilling, as in an implant
  • An Impression Kit is included in our price, with a handling time of 1-2 business days after receiving cleared payment


Our kit includes:
  1. Impression putty 3 sets
  2. Impression catalyst 3 sets
  3. Lower trays (S, M, L size)
  4. Upper trays (S, M, L size)
  5. Teeth shade guide
  6. Dental wax
  7. Return envelope
FedEx Priority shipping to your address typically takes 3-4 business days, while the lab work usually requires 15-18 business days.
Our smile technician will design your new smile, followed by meticulous hand-finishing, quality control checks, and prompt posting back to you.

We are officially contracted partners with one of the world's fastest and most reliable courier services, FedEx. As part of our commitment to exceptional service, all orders are shipped via FedEx International Priority, ensuring swift and secure delivery. Each package comes with a tracking number for your convenience and is discreetly packaged to maintain confidentiality.

While we strive for timely delivery, please note that shipment times may vary depending on location and other factors. On average, deliveries are expected within 3-4 working days. However, please be aware that delivery dates provided are for informational purposes only, and we cannot be held responsible for any changes beyond our control.

We delivering your order with the utmost care and efficiency and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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